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About Our Company...

Allsup Corporation has been in business since 1982. Prior to 1995  we  specialized in Public Works projects in the utility sector, constructing numerous facilities for water districts. Since 1995 we have placed more emphasis on designing and constructing  'alternate fuel' facilities in California.

Our business in divided into four components


  • Design Services - Invariably most CNG facilities in California are constructed on a design/build basis. Our Design team is headed by a California Registered Professional  Engineer with almost  25 years of design/build experience.  Our engineering department has designed 15 CNG facilities in California. We have designed CNG facilities ranging in size from 10 SCFM to 4400 SCFM.
  • Construction Services - Our construction division has been building public facilities since 1982. We hold both 'A' and 'B' California Contractors Licenses and have the ability to  perform upto $8M worth of work at any one time. In addition to our experience in building CNG facilities, our construction division has also built LCNG and Co-gen facilities.
  • Equipment Supply - We are proud distributors for Angi International and Fuelforce in California.

     Angi International is one of the world's leaders in the specialty supply of  CNG refueling  equipment. Their line of equipment includes CNG dispensers, valve panels, de-fueling panels and packaged compression equipment. They have packages facilities ranging from 10SCFM to 8400SCFM.

    Fuelforce is one of the world's leaders in the fuel management  field.  


  • Equipment Service - Our factory certified technicians service CNG equipment throughout  California. In addition to having  a number of service contracts for CNG facilities in California, we also provide   warranty work on most equipment utilized in CNG facilities.



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